Some questions Frequently asked

How do purchases made at kimberlyporrazzo.com stack up against those made at other online stores?

Our delivery service is trustworthy, anonymous, and safe. The most dependable supplier of K2 items, K2 Spice Spray On Paper, and K2 liquid is k2liquidspraysheets.

Orders marked as ASAP will arrive to you at the earliest possible moment.

What time will my product be delivered?

We typically dispatch your order for you the same day after receiving payment confirmation.

What is my Area's correct mailing address

-Include postal codes and apartment/unit numbers for speedier delivery.

-We will not issue refunds or reships if your address is incorrectly formatted or is undeliverable as addressed on the tracker owing to incorrect address format or for any other reason. So please be careful to provide us with the correct address and format.

-Normal address structure

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